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at war within my members
so he says
but doesn’t mention
the torn up ground
the smell of dirt
the footprints on the battleground

they do not fight
with weapons of this world
but still the scars are left
upon the earth
the blood soaks in
a mist hangs on the battleground

they thunder through
upon their horses made of smoke
the clash of words
the blood of truth
and all is still
and barren
on the battleground.


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truth and water

I can only take truth in small doses
washing them down with coffee,
or worse
covering over and drowning
convinced that truth needs water to grow.

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on my shoulders like
that vulture i saw once in the desert
he knows the landscape
and treats me as his home

sun eclipsed by 9am
with his wings stretched taught  across my face
digging talons in my neck
but he never draws blood

like the darkness
for a prisoner, languishing
i know the weight of him, the strain, familiar
it’s only when he’s cast away
that i can feel the pieces missing.

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New Now

getting up slow but i’m leapin the last bit
i was young in the morning, now i’m creaking with age
everyone’s got their problems, got their own shit
mine’s the brains of a child and the worries of a sage

when i’m feelin down, no i don’t get down some
i get down all the way through the earth
i taste the soil and remember where i come from
let the dirt that i was then determine my worth

when i’m up i sing praise hallelluiah
and i raise up my hands to the sky
i remember then the times that i knew Ya
and the way that your presence made me high

every day, every day is a struggle to be new now
every day to be raised up with the Son
learn to live like i’m alive but i don’t know how
to be fighting keep on fighting til the dawn

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is this all there is
is notion enough
for a tailspin into oblivion
a drowning in doubt

what is the use
of having an -other-
if the other is too other
to bother to comprehend

pomp and circumstance
meant to compensate.
so full of riches
so lacking in richness

is this all there is
is notion enough
to chip away to nothing.

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pain induced

pill produced

numbness sets in

white and soft

as cotton.

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stretched taught across the page
like canvas
you say I aught – but I don’t know the meaning of the word

poignant moments
like ribbons round a length of time
across the space from your eyes to mine

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